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The projects below are all designed with wildlife in mind!  Some of these projects are for use around your home or business to provide safe spaces for wildlife to cohabit with.  Many of the items below are things that can be made to help your local rehabilitator (please ask them first if they can use it).  Put your skills to work to support wildlife!


BUILD: Bird Houses

Check out The Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Nest Watch page to find great nest box building plans for all types of birds in North America!


BUILD: Bat Box​
Offering privacy and protection from the elements, these boxes are big enough to allow families of bats to take refuge.

Layered hammock

SEW: Layered Hammock
These three layered hammocks provide warm, comfortable beds and play spaces for young climbing mammals, like squirrels.

Pouch hammock

SEW: Pouch Hammock
For bigger climbing animals, this cozy hammock is a nice and wide place to play and lounge on.  It also includes a pouch to provide private space to rest.   

Rehab Bird Perches.png

BUILD: Rehab Bird Perch
Perfect for wildlife patients on cage rest, these sturdy perches are easy to clean and protect against bumblefoot.


Coming Soon

SEW: Large Hammock
For the larger animals who just want to take the weight off their feet!


Hanging pouch

SEW: Hanging Pouch
These hanging pouches are like mini pillowcases lined with soft and warm fleece.  They offer a quiet escape for climbing animals to rest while recuperating at a rehab center.  


BUILD: Tea Cup Bird Feeder
This beautiful upscaled tea cup is a gorgeous decoration that helps feed your backyard feathered friends!

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