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These stands are a vital part of any wildlife rehabilitation center, where birds need sturdy pots to perch.  Being off the ground, vulnerable tail feathers are protected and the "branch" provides protection from bumblefoot, a common foot injury for birds kept on unnatural perches.

These perches can be made in a variety of sizes for various cage and bird type needs.  Larger diameter pipe works well for bigger raptors or corvids, while smaller pipe is great for song birds.  Just make sure your pipe and fittings are all the same diameter!

These perches are fantastic in a rehab setting since they can be easily cleaned and soaked in a bleach solution to disinfect them for new patients!


1. Gather materials:

  • PVC pipe (1/2" - 1" diameter)

  • 2x elbows

  • 4x end caps

  • 2x tees

  • PVC cement

  • saw

  • scissors

  • mallet

  • 5x zip ties

  • chicken nesting pad (available at Amazon or local tractor supply store)


2. Cut materials to size:

  • Cut 4 pieces of pipe at approx. 7" in length (feet)

  • Cut 2 pieces of pipe at approx. 6" in length (legs)

  • cut 1 piece of pipe at approx 12" in length (branch)

3. Glue the parts

  • Glue an end cap to each leg

  • Glue each leg into a tee

  • Glue each leg into an elbow


​4. Prepare the branch:

  • Cut laying mat to fit around pipe, leaving some space to glue ends into elbows

  • Use several zip ties to secure the mat to the pipe

  • Cinch ties down as much as possible

  • Snip ends of zip ties off at base


4. Combine the parts:

  • Glue branch to elbows :

  • Glue legs to tees at a perpendicular angle to the feet

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