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This hanging pouch attaches easily to the sides or roof of any enclosure and serves as a safe and cozy spot for opossums and other medium sized climbing creatures. 

​Easily turned inside out for washing, the inner pocket of fleece is soft and warm and supported on the outside by the cotton fabric.

Dimensions can be approximate for this project, as the animals aren't too picky!  Just sew over the loops a few times to ensure a secure attachment.

1. Gather materials:

  • TBD 100% cotton fabric

  • TBD flannel or fleece

  • Fabric ribbon, ~1" wide

  • Thread


2. Cut materials to size:

  • Cut 2 large rectangles (approx. 40" x 17"), one of cotton, one of fleece or flannel

  • ​Cut 2 lengths of ribbon at 8" long each


​3. Prepare the parts: 

  • Pin both pieces of fabric right sides together

  • On one of the short ends of the rectangles, about 2" in from the edge, fold a piece of ribbon with loop facing into the rectangle and tail ends out about 1", in between the layers of fabric. Pin in place.  Repeat on opposite corner of same side.


4. Sew it:

  • Sew all the way around both the large and medium squares with approximately 3/8"-1/2" seam allowance.  Leave about a 3" opening to turn fabric right-side out.

  • Repeat with the small square, ensuring the corner ribbons are sewn into place.

  • Trim corners from each square, turn each square right-side out. Ribbon loops should be outside of square.

  • Sew the top of the fabric, all the way around, to seal the opening, approximately 1/4" from edge.

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