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Backyard birding is one of the greatest wildlife experiences you can have at home!  Your home windows are amazing portals into the seldom seen social chaos that birds are known for!

This delightful tea cup bird feeder is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your backyard and invite the neighborhood birds to feast in front of your eyes!

Using a few simple items that can be found at a dollar store and/or thrift shop and some glue is all you need to make this project!

Remember to clean bird feeders weekly to reduce the risk of disease transmission.


1. Gather materials:

  • Pick a cup and saucer that you like. Look in thrift stores and/or antique stores.

  • E6000 glue or Gorilla glue

  • 12” extension steel hook for bird feeder (Amazon or dollar store) or a piece of ribbon

  • Painters tape

  • Wild birdseed


2. Set it up:

  • Place cup on its side with the handle up, set it where it feels flat on the saucer

  • Put a piece of painter's tape inside the cup so you know where to place glue on the outside of the cup

  • Place a large piece of painter’s tape through the handle and long enough to attach ends under saucer

  • Place a strip of glue on side of teacup that will set sideways onto the saucer.

  • Place the teacup onto saucer

  • Carefully attach the tape under the rim of the saucer on both sides to keep still while drying

  • Let sit to dry for at least 24 hours


3. Finish it:

  • After 24+ hours teacup and saucer are dried completely

  • Add steel hook or a ribbon loop to cup handle

  • Fill inside of cup with birdseed and let it flow out into saucer

  • Hang it on tree branch outside

  • Enjoy watching the birds eat from your new bird feeder

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