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Fully sewn layered rodent hammock

This three level critter hammock is an easy and fun sewing project that offers a warm, safe retreat for small mammals in rehab.  The fleece or flannel fabric is soft and warm, whereas the cotton provides the strength to support them without stretching.  These are hammocks are easily washed in between patients and moved to new enclosures, with loops to secure them.  

This project is great for beginners, since the sewing is simple and as long as all loose threads are removed, the animals don't care if it's not perfect!

If a two-level hammock is preferred, simply skip the small square and add the loops to the medium square.   You could even do just a single layer for a fun play place for animals on the mend.

Fabric and ribbon

1. Gather materials:

  • TBD 100% cotton fabric

  • TBD flannel or fleece

  • Fabric ribbon, ~1" wide

  • Thread


2. Cut materials to size:

  • Cut 2 large squares (17" x 17"), one of cotton, one of fleece/flannel

  • Cut 2 medium squares (14" x 14"), one of cotton, one of fleece/flannel

  • Cut 2 small squares (10" x 10"), one of cotton, one of fleece/flannel

  • ​Cut 4 lengths of ribbon at 7" long each


​3. Prepare the parts: 

  • Pin both pieces of fabric of same size squares, right sides together for large, medium and small squares.

  • On the small square, fold a piece of ribbon, with loop facing the center of the square on each corner, in between the layers of fabric, leaving tails out approximately a half inch.  Pin in place.


4. Sew the parts:

  • Sew all the way around both the large and medium squares with approximately 3/8"-1/2" seam allowance.  Leave about a 3" opening to turn fabric right-side out.

  • Repeat with the small square, ensuring the corner ribbons are sewn into place.

  • Trim corners from each square, turn each square right-side out. Ribbon loops should be outside of square.

  • Sew the top of the fabric, all the way around, to seal the opening, approximately 1/4" from edge.


5. Combine the parts:

  • Lay the large square out, flannel or fleece side up, square to the table.  Lay the med square, flannel or fleece side up, in a diamond orientation to the large square. The medium square corners will overlap.

  • On the large square, fold each corner up, matching the cotton bottom of each corner to the cotton bottom of the medium square, leaving about 1" of overhang, pin into place.

  • Sew these attachment points on for each corner, using several passes to ensure a secure attachment.

  • Lay the small square, fleece/flannel side up, in the same orientation as the large square.  Folder the corners up from the medium square and attach to bottom of small square. 

  • Sew these attachment points on for each corner, using several passes to ensure a secure attachment.

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