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This project is intended to provide a safe space for groups of small bats around your property.  Bats are very sensitive to weather changes and most intakes at rehabs are due to a member becoming separated from their group during inclement weather.  

The outside of the box can be painted or stained to decorate it and help protect it against the elements.  Do not treat the inside of the box where bats will be in contact with surfaces.

The overall dimensions can be scaled up for larger bats species. by increasing the depth of the risers.

Mount the box at least 12 feet up (maximum 20 feet) on a sheltering tree or side of building.  East and/or south facing directions that receive a minimum of 6-8 hours of sunlight is ideal.

Bat Box (1).png

1. Gather materials:

  • One 1" x 10" x 4' board; untreated pine, fir or cedar plank

  • Wood glue

  • #8 x 1½" deck screws

Bat Box (2).png

2. Cut materials to size:

  • Using the template below (click to enlarge), cut the board into pieces.

  • The back bar pieces are optional and not shown in photo.


​3. Prepare the parts: 

  • Lightly sand each piece to remove any splinters.

  • Attach strong hanging brackets to each side of each back bar, or attach hanging brackets directly to the back of the box.

Bat Box (3).png

4. Combine the parts:

  • Attach the middle risers to the back board using screws.  Attach the middle board to the risers, careful to avoid the screws below.

  • Attach the front risers to the middle board, using screws. Attach the front board to the risers, careful to avoid the screws below.

  • Attach the roof to the top and back bars to the back of the back board (one at bottom, one 3-5cm below roof), using screws.

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