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1. Where should I put my donation box?
​We recommend reaching out to your local community center, coffee shop, grocery store, etc.  Ideally you want something central and accessible to the public but also near enough for you to collect items when the bins fills up.  Look for a location with a wide range of operating hours.  Get permission from them first.

2. How should I advertise my supply drive on social media?
Ask the rehabber you are hosting the supply drive for as well as the location where you will place your donation bin to help advertise to their supporters.  You can provide the social media posts we have provided in the toolkit to the them as well.  Post in community social media groups, use local hashtags, and report every few days throughout your supply drive.

3. How long should I run my supply drive?
We suggest 2-4 weeks to give people time to go through items they may want to donate.

4. What do I do with items that were donated, but not needed by the wildlife rehab?
If the items are in good shape, they can be donated to your local SPCA or animal shelter, another local rehab.  If the items are not in good shape, please dispose of them appropriately.

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