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This fun and simple woodworking project uses a single 10" wide, 8' long plank of wood to create a safe nesting box for a variety of small raptors, such as the beautiful American kestrel, and the adorable screech owl.  As injured wildlife rehab patients graduate to outdoor enclosures, they are provided with suitable nesting boxes to give them somewhere warm to rest and recuperate. With a hinged lid, they are easily cleaned out and sterilized few the next use.

Or, attach it to a tree at home, about 15 feet up, to encourage these birds to your property!


1. Gather materials:

  • One 1" x 10" x 8' board, untreated pine, fir or cedar plank

  • One 3" wide hinge

  • Wood glue​​

  • #8 x 1½" deck screws


2. Cut materials to size:

  • Using the template below (click to enlarge), cut the board to the appropriate sizes.


​3. Prepare the parts: 

  • In the front piece, drill a 3" hole in the center, 9" from bottom of piece.

  • Drill 3 small ventilation holes, approximately 1/4" in diameter, along the top of the front piece.​

  • Drill 2-4 drainage holes in the bottom piece, about 1/4" in diameter.

  • Lightly sand all edges to remove any rough patches.


4. Combine the parts:

  • Attach the middle risers to the back board using screws.  Attach the middle board to the risers, careful to avoid the screws below.

  • Attach the front risers to the middle board, using screws. Attach the front board to the risers, careful to avoid the screws below.

  • Attach the roof to the top and back bars to the back of the back board (one at bottom, one 3-5cm below roof), using screws.

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